Myanmar Car of The Year Award

Its time for the first
Myanmar Car of The Year Award!

The Myanmar Car of The Year Award (MCOTY) is a program initiated and organized by, The Drive Magazine, and involves Motor Journalists from both Myanmar and neighboring countries.

The MCOTY is executed under the guidance of distinguished automotive journalists from Asia and in that way, it draws on the experience and expertise already developed by various other award programs throughout the world.

MCOTY is intended to complement, not compete with other International COTY awards. By its nature, MCOTY includes some vehicles that may be unavailable in other regions, and excludes others whose availability may be limited in Myanmar.

All in all, it will be a unique program for Myanmar that will last over 1.5 month and finish with an awards event. We are dedicated to ensuring that it is carried out with the utmost objectivity, credibility, and integrity.
Opportunity to get involved
We offer brands a unique opportunity to be associated with this program and the event itself through different sponsorship packages.

Get involved now for maximum benefits of the whole program as we soon launch the test drives, voting sections and later on the award event itself.

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