Creative Brief Training

Creating a brief for you creative projects is not something you should leave for the agency to draft. As a customer you need to ensure that you communicate what you want clearly to ensure the project is delivered on time, on cost and on quality:

  1. Understand the video production process (and why it takes time if you want value for your investment).
    • Pre production
    • Production
    • Post production
      Module length half evening session 1.5 hrs
  2. Understanding what you want this video to do for you.
    • Generate business (commercial advertisement or lead generation).
    • Inform or educate.
    • Train staff.
    • Entertain.
      Module length half evening session 1.5 hrs
  3. Understand the factors that influence the cost of creating such a Video.
    Module length half evening session 1.5 hrs
  4. How you can involve your internal resources to manage the costs.
    Module length half evening session 1.5 hrs
  5. Effective ways to get the message across to your viewers.  
    Module length 1 evening session 1.5 hrs theory and 1.5 hrs practical
  6. The Creative Brief
    • Why simple is often more effective.
    • Communicating this to your production partners
      Module length Half evening session 1.5 hrs

  7. After the Brief
    • Interpreting the storyboard
    • Understanding a shooting script
    • Avoiding costly revisions.
    • When and what you should be signing off on to ensure you are in control of the process.
      Module length half evening session 1.5 hrs
  8. Practical team assignment 
    Module length one evening session 2.30 hrs
  9. How you measure the success of your video.
    Module length 30 minutes at the end of the practical


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