As a team we’re hard-working, fast executors, candid, unwilling to tolerate politics, and passionate about wowing every single client we touch. 

Our Core Values

Before anything else, values come first. Without clear, shared values, we wander independently and contradict one another. Everything’s harder when we all believe different things about what’s important to us, our company. There are the key values we live by in our mission to build successful business and projects that can have a positive impact in Myanmar.

  1. Customer Focused – Nothing is more important to us than delivering a great experience to our customers (both clients and readers). We believe it’s the core of our success. If we make mistakes, which sometimes happens, we are relentless in our quest to make things right. Strategically, we are driven by our customers and the opportunities, not the competition. We keep an eye on competitors, but we don’t let their behaviour shape our own. We listen to the needs in the market and create something that adds value.
  1. We cultivate Trust – Trust is a crucial part of our brand. Our customers trust to spend money with us as they know we will deliver quality and do what is right.
  1. We work as a Team – We always put the mission and the team first and last ourselves. We support and give credit to each other. We are a family and behave like one by including and caring about everyone.
  2. We are Humble – Arrogance has no place in our organisation. We treat everyone equal and on the same level. We are always humble no matter if they are co-workers, clients, or competitors. A senior person doesn’t deserve more respect than a newly hired one.
  3. We Embrace Challenges – There will always be changes, problems, unforeseen events and other situations that create challenges for us. We don’t panic or complain but find solutions and keep executing.
  4. We Pioneer – You copy you die as Jack Ma once said. In everything we do we work to exceed expectations and raise the benchmark. We push the limits, think outside of the box and keep making it better each time. We are not satisfied but always strive to improve.
  5. We are all defenders of our culture – For us to stay ahead, it’s going to take everyone making noise when we fall short of our expectations for ourselves. There is no place that is not your place – not only are you encouraged to speak out, it is your responsibility to do so.

We are all professionals and need to act as such

Apart from embracing our corporate values, we expect each individual to always be professional in and outside of work. Professional behaviour is a form of etiquette in the workplace that is linked primarily to a respectful and courteous conduct. We believe that being conscious of how you treat co-workers and clients, and ensuring a positive workplace attitude you will improve your productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

People Ops

When it comes to people, each person is hired and evaluated according to our values above, but especially in terms of 4 key qualities; Ethics, Respect, Attitude and Skills in that order. You don’t possess these four basic qualities you are out.