About Us

We own and operates consumer media platforms, events and marketplaces in Myanmar

We provide a seamless experience for consumers to interact with brands across different mediums.


Reach the right audience through the right channels. We can distribute ads across multiple channels and provide targeted solutions.

We serve ad in various formats such as display, rich media and native advertising in print and events, and on desktop and mobile devices.

Content & Branding

We help brands identify content opportunities, construct engaging content tailored specifically for their target market.

Our team of experienced editors, content writers, videographers, and graphic designers lend their expertise to produce content suitable for a multitude of platforms.

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This City map is published every six months. It is unique in the way that it shows curated content, not paid content. Cities covered in 2018 issue includes: Yangon, Nay …

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The TV & Video Production Training is for aspiring videographers and producers. It will feature classroom trainings mixed with practical work in live environment. COURSE OUTLINE NATURE AND SCOPE OF …

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